BETALKY is responsible for the promotion of multilingualism in Brussels. Our city has 1.2 million inhabitants, who speak over 100 different languages. The advantages of multilingualism are manifold. In addition to enhancing opportunities on the labor market, multilingualism promotes cohesion between the inhabitants of Brussels.

Both within our superdiverse city and beyond its borders, speaking several languages is important for a shared citizenship and the mutual understanding it requires.

Multilingualism is henceforth a central part of the Brussels identity and this will be even more so in the future.


Be Talky

Be Talky in Brussels!
Journée bruxelloise du Multilinguisme
Brusselse Dag van de Meertaligheid
Brussels Multilingualism Day

Watch the live stream from the Hemicycle plenary chamber, the heart of the European Parliament and setting for Multilingualism Day. Different sessions will look at the work and life of interpreters and translators. Interpretation into English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish is available for all sessions. Join by clicking here.